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What Are The Components Of Refined Beer Equipment

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Raw material crushing equipment

saccharification and filtration equipment

 fermentation liquor storage equipment

kieselguhr filter equipment

CIP cleaning system

refrigeration system

water treatment system

and related electric equipment

The structure of beer fermenter is mainly composed of three systems: tank, jacket and mixing system, including jacket or coil, transmission device, shaft seal device, heat preservation medium, support, special sampling discharge valve for fermentation, coolant inlet and outlet, temperature sensor interface, PH automatic control system, pressure sensor, air ventilator, CIP interface and so on. The tank is generally made of sUS304/SUS316L high grade stainless steel, the inner cylinder wall is polished by mechanical polishing or electrolytic mirror surface, the outer cylinder wall is insulated by 304full welding structure, and the outer surface is treated with mirror or sublight. The external connection interface of the cylinder adopts sanitary quick opening joint, which is safe and hygienic without dead angle, which accords with the national GMP hygienic standard. The on-line control system of beer fermenter adopts color liquid crystal touch screen PLC automatic control, which can detect and control the relevant parameters of fermentation process on-line. The control system includes sterilization interface, parameter setting and correction, data graph, data report, fermentation batch number setting, online animation, alarm device, etc., which can connect upper computer, computer and printer, realize remote monitoring and data storage and printing. In addition, equipped with temperature control device, temperature measuring hole, CIP automatic rotating spray ball, defoaming device, baffle, air distributor, temperature sensor, mirror lamp, liquid level meter and other equipment, easy to operate manually, simple and reliable. Beer equipment, including raw material crushing system, saccharification system, wort cooling system, fermentation system, beer filtration system, aseptic membrane filtration system, bottle washing and filling pressure cover sterilization system, electrical and automatic control system, refrigeration system, CIP cleaning system and so on. Due to the different users of beer brewing equipment, each user can choose and configure according to their own specific needs, and the configuration of each part of the equipment has also changed accordingly. Beer equipment: 304 stainless steel: beer equipment is all made of stainless steel 304 fine workmanship into perfect tooling equipment: perfect tooling equipment to ensure that each process can achieve excellent automatic design: high degree of automation, saving labor, automatic temperature and pressure control, high quality assurance: long service life of the equipment, low maintenance cost, Maximize customer profit margin beer equipment after-sales service advantages: beer equipment free of charge to provide project consulting, benefit analysis, plant graphic design, 3D effect drawing, hotel and production site layout, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and other one-stop service to carry out turnkey engineering. Refined beer brewing equipment is developing in the direction of one machine and multiple abilities: many kinds of beer can be brewed and many kinds of experiments can be carried out.

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