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Preservation Of Wine

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The best preservation temperature should be about 13 ℃. It is best to keep the temperature constant and avoid drastic changes in temperature, otherwise it will cause great damage to the quality of the wine. It may even cause the deterioration of the wine as a result of excessive oxidation. 2. The ideal humidity for wine storage is between 60% and 70%. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to make the cork and wine label moldy and rot, and the lack of humidity will make the cork lose elasticity and can not close the bottle mouth. Too low or too high humidity will have a certain impact on the quality of the wine.

3. Ultraviolet light in the light is very harmful to the wine, which will accelerate the oxidation process of the wine. Therefore, if you want to keep the wine for a long time, you must put it in a place where you want to avoid the light. 4. to prevent vibration and shock-proof wine in bottle, its change is a slow process, vibration will accelerate the ripening of the wine, make the wine rough. 5, the traditional way of placing wine is to put the wine flat, in fact, the mouth of the bottle tilted 15 degrees upward is also possible. For wine that needs to be stored for a long time, the bottle mouth cannot be placed down. Because the wine storage time will have the precipitation, if the bottle mouth tilts downward, the precipitation will gather at the bottle mouth, the time will stick to there, when pouring the wine, it will affect the taste of the wine.

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