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Can I Still Drink Beer After It Expires?

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The national standard stipulates a shelf life of 4 months for beer. In general, bottled beer is less than half a year and canned beer is less than 1 year. Beer in the shelf life is generally qualified products, now many manufacturers of beer, shelf life can reach 1 year or more, but fresh beer taste will be better, in the shelf life such as beer leakage, loss of light precipitation, taste acid and other quality problems can be directly found in the manufacturer, store replacement or compensation. Some beers that exceed the shelf life are not necessarily undrinkable. If the appearance of the beer is clear and transparent and the taste has not changed much, it can be drunk, of course, the taste is not as good as fresh; if it is turbid, precipitated, the taste becomes sour and sour, it cannot be drunk. Can I drink beer half a year after it expires? don't drink beer after half a year. In general, if the appearance of beer after the shelf life is clear and transparent, this kind of expired beer can still be drunk in a short period of time, of course, the taste is certainly not as good as the beer during the shelf life; if the expired beer precipitates or occurs turbid and other deterioration, or the taste becomes sour, then this kind of expired beer can not be drunk, spoiled expired beer drinking may lead to vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Beer expired for use 1, raising flowers. Beer is an acidic drink, which is still acidic after it expires. It can be used to raise flowers and plants, improve the sudden acidity and alkalinity, and promote the growth of pleasant flowers. 2. Home cleanliness. The content of acid in expired beer is also very high, which has the effect of sterilization and sterilization, can remove the peculiar smell of refrigerator and cupboard, and beer is an alternate solution, using expired beer to scrub glass, not only very clean, but also will not remain the fiber on the rag. 3, you can also wash your hair, the effect is good, but the hair will grow quickly. When making steamed fish, use them instead of water to steam, steamed fish will be particularly fragrant. Attention to beer preservation 1, beer can not be directly put into the refrigerator freezer for preservation, especially hot beer quick freezing, the probability of explosion is very high. 2. Beer contains more carbonic acid, which produces a lot of carbon dioxide under high temperature and sunlight, and may also cause explosion.

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